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Our Social Media Marketing Strategies course takes students into truly understanding the 21st century phenomenon of social media. Social media has changed the way people live, communicate, get information, shop, and do business forever.


Companies large and small know how important it is for them to be a part of this online network, and as such, need people who know how to use social media channels to their best advantage from all 3 perspectives (personal, business communication, and business advertising), which are often overlooked in other textbooks.



After completing this course, students will be well-versed in how to use the right social media platform(s) and how to best utilize the features and advertising offered by each one. This knowledge will enable students to gain job-ready skills to reach their target audience and achieve their social media content and advertising goals for the company that hires them.


Seven channels are examined in-depth: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, and Pinterest. Activities and assignments in the text also challenge students to become familiar with other channels, including those that may only have a following on a single continent or in a specific country.


Informative case studies of social media marketing campaign successes and failures serve as examples of the different ways businesses have utilized various channels. Companies like Starbucks, Fruit of the Loom, and C&A show how well social media can work to achieve objectives. On the other hand, social media fails by other large corporations act as invaluable cautionary tales to those in the digital marketing industry.



Course Outline

This comprehensive course will take you from the ground up. Complete essential lessons and portfolio building exercises to understand and function as a Social Marketing Manager. Review the course outline below and start your journey towards Social Media Marketing Certification.

  • 1


    • How to manage your time with Self Paced learning

    • What you can expect to learn

  • 2


    • Social Media Campaign Goals

    • Targeting Personas

    • How to Research Buyer Personas

    • Sizing Up the Competition Assignment

    • 'How's the Profile?' Assignment

    • Content Assignment

    • Social Media Alphabetics Assignment

    • Choosing Platforms

    • The Top Five Do's of Social Media Marketing Practices Assignment

    • The Top Five Don'ts of Social Media Marketing Practices Assignment

    • NASA'S Five-Star Social Media Strategy Case Study Assignment

  • 3


    • History

    • Facebook: Personal (Assignment)

    • Developing Your Personal Brand on Facebook

    • Taking Stock of Your 'Digital Dirt' Assignment

    • Business

    • Facebook for Business is Different

    • What is Facebook Insights? Assignment

    • Making a Small Business Page Better Assignment

    • Advertising

    • How to Run Facebook Ads

    • Facebook Fails and Wins

    • Facebook Fail (Case study: Smucker's Gets in a Jam)

    • Facebook Win (Case Study: C&A Rethinks Buying Off The Rack)

    • Running a Targeted Campaign

    • Tips for Writing a Facebook Ad

    • Finding a Fabulous Facebook AD Assignment

    • The Budgetary Pie

    • Budgeting For a Facebook Campaign Assignment

    • Analytics

    • Timing is Everything

  • 4


    • History

    • Personal

    • Twitter Personal Profile Page Notes

    • Twitter Profile Pro Tips

    • How Consumers Interact With Brands on Twitter

    • Responding To Consumer Complaints On Twitter Assignment

    • Business

    • The Business of Twitter

    • More about Hashtags

    • The Essence of an Effective Tweet

    • Creating a Great Tweet Assignment

    • Advertising

    • Twitter Fail (Case Study: Bill Cosby and "Meme Me!")

    • Twitter Win (Case Study: Jimmy Kimmel and Mean Tweets)

    • Finding Twitter Wins and Fails Assignment

    • Running a Targeted Campaign

    • Types of Twitter ADs

    • Hashtags

    • Keywords

    • Twitter ADs Step-by-Step Process

    • Making a Twitter ADs Campaign Assignment

    • Analytics

    • Home

    • Tweets (Tweet Activity)

    • Audiences

    • Check The Pulse of Your Twitter Account Assignment

    • Analytics for Twitter ADs

    • Twitter Events

  • 5


    • History

    • Personal

    • Navigating Instagram

    • Instagram Personal Profile (Mobile View)

    • Instagram Posts, Stories and Reels

    • Points of Comparison Assignment

    • Business

    • The Nature of Instagram

    • Instagram Business Profile

    • Instagram Photos

    • Get The Picture? Assignment

    • Instagram Video

    • Loop Giveaway

    • Advertising

    • Instagram Fail (Case Study: Not Much McLovin' On Instagram)

    • Instagram Win (Case Study: Starbucks' White Cup Challenge)

    • Campaign Strategy for Branded Posts

    • Effective Use of Hashtags on Instagram

    • Using Hashtags on Instagram Assignment

    • The Evolution of And Campaign Strategy For Paid ADS Assignment

    • The Carousel AD

    • Creating a Carousel AD Assignment

    • Call-To-Action Buttons

    • Account Insights

    • Metrics From Account Insights

    • Ad Insights

    • Underperforming Instagram ADs Assignment

    • AD Staging

    • Improving an Instagram AD Assignment

    • Time Management

  • 6


    • History

    • Personal

    • Personal Profile

    • Improving the Profile Assignment

    • LinkedIn Premium

    • Business / HR

    • Setting Up a LinkedIn Company Page

    • Updates and Posts on a Brand's Company Page

    • Expanding on Updates and Posts on a Brand's Company Page Assignment

    • Follow-Up

    • Advertising

    • LinkedIn Win (Case Study: Cushy Jobs, Courtesy of Fruit of The Loom)

    • Goals Before Strategy

    • Lead Generation Assignment

    • A Range of LinkedIn Ads

    • Company Page Analytics

    • Case Study: ABC Digital Agency Analytics

    • Comprehension Questions Assignment

  • 7


    • History

    • Personal

    • Introduction

    • Video Tutorial: YouTube For Viewers and Uploaders

    • Viral Videos Assignment

    • Business

    • Video Tutorial: Components of YouTube For Business 2018

    • 'Evaluating a Business’ YouTube Channel Assignment

    • Optimizing a YouTube Channel

    • Tagging Assignment

    • Advertising

    • YouTube Win

    • Case Study: Metro Trains

    • YouTube Cards

    • Selecting YouTube Cards Assignment

    • YouTube Analytics and Cards Analytics Assignment

  • 8


    • History

    • Personal

    • Personal Profile

    • Business

    • Introduction

    • Business Profile

    • Critique a Business Page Assignment

    • Advertising

    • Case Study: Botto Bistro: a Big Pizza Pie In Yelp’s Eye

    • Running a Targeted Campaign

    • Linking ADs With Goals Assignment

    • The Check-In Offer

    • Marketing on Yelp without Paid ADS

    • a Five-Star Contest Idea Assignment

    • Analytics for the Yelp Business Page

    • Yelp Knowledge

  • 9


    • History

    • Personal

    • Personal Profile Page

    • How Consumers Interact With Brands on Pinterest

    • Business

    • Introduction

    • Pinterest Business Profile

    • Promoted Pins

    • Product Pins and Rich Pins

    • Advertising

    • Pinterest Win (Case Study: Jetsetter's Cure For Wanderlust)

    • Pin Optimization

    • Creating an SEO-Friendly Pin Assignment

    • Pin Image

    • Prime Pinning Time

    • Tying It All Together Assignment

    • Analytics for the Pinterest Business Page: Profile

    • Analytics for the Pinterest Business Page: Audience

    • Analytics for the Pinterest Business Page: Website

    • Analyze This Assignment

    • An Analytics Utopia Assignment

  • 10


    • Analysis

    • Social Media Marketing Analysis

    • Unique Social Media Contributions Assignment

    • Fatigue

    • Social Media Fatigue and Fickleness

    • Analytics

    • Social Media in Brief

    • Social Media Strategy Project Example

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